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Technical Services

Datacode provides services and products which are primally focused on sub-surface studies, be simple geotechnical studies or developing earth models (3D) for mineral /Ground water / Oil & Gas industry.

The quest for knowledge and strive to challenges has been driving Datacode to deliver global solution to growing needs of customer. We not only bring experience and global expertise to find solution to various problems but also well-established process which brings quality and efficiency in data acquisition, processing, interpretation and modeling.

Datacode Advantage

The Datacode team understand the value of Geo-Scientific data, it believes that a Geo-Sc data has no expiry date, so the data needs to be managed and stored effectively so that it can be stored, retrieved, reformatted, re-projected for effective usage as an attribute in interpretation or modelling using different techniques/methodology from time to time.

The zeal to unlearn and learn of Datacode’s youthful team guided and supervised by experienced professionals, makes us agile to adopt the new technology and the implement in project quickly there by being the 1st to bring in cutting edge technology to clients desk.


How’s it like to work with us?

The process of understanding the client’s need and doing pilot project with the client, helps us to deliver the products and services to the client’s advantage and satisfaction there by resulting of 70% business from existing clients year after year. In short Datacode is your partner to plan and execute a project with time bound, Quality at par with International standards

Key Services


Mineral Exploration

Mineral exploration Project generation from existing legacy data and integration of various datasets and mineralization style.

Data Aquisition & Planning

Planning, finding right agency for data acquisition to ensure the project objective is met with optimum cost and schedule. Specially when the exploration projects are of Regional/Large Scale or or strategic importance.

Quality Control

Quality control and Quality assurance during data acquisition stage, monitoring the progress in terms of technical requirements of the project.

Survey Planning & Management

We help in developing an optimum coverage plan for an exploration area that takes into account survey objective, local geographical constraints and environmental impact.

Data Processing

We have access to some of the worlds most advanced softwares. Our team is trained and experienced to utilize the power of this software for achieving results with high level of confidence.

Geological Modelling

Increase project success, safety, and cost control through the unique synergy between advanced 3D modeling and geological interpretation.

Softwares Available

We have a variety of Database Management Software. Kindly have a look at the woftwaes we can use for your organisation.


The Imago Coreshed Capture application connects to 1 or 2 cameras to automatically label and store images in Imago. 


Geosoft DAP

DAP geoscience data experts ensure your data is high quality, meta-tagged for easy discovery, and organised for fast retrieval.



he Imago Coreshed Capture application connects to 1 or 2 cameras to automatically label and store images in Imago.