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Gratitude letter


Greetings of the Day!
I, on behalf of the entire Team of Datacode, would like to share our thoughts, prayers, and concerns, for the well being of you and your near and dear ones.
The times we are going through are wrought with uncertainty, anxiety and are constantly changing. However, just as sunrise would follow the darkness, we feel that the combined spirit of humanity shall tide us all through this crisis. Patience and understanding are some of the tenets that shall sail us through these troubled times.

It is times like these that reminds one of the importance of people and the important people in one’s life. Team Datacode would like to thank you and express our gratitude towards you for the longstanding relationship between us and the strength which we all draw from it. This relationship has been very valuable for Datacode and we have built our 25 years based on your trust and relationship.
As our valued and longstanding partners, we are certain that you have been instrumental in shaping our culture:
We would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment to :
Provide consulting service and technology that enables Geoscientist/Earth Science professionals to excel in their business thereby creating knowledge and wealth for the stake holders.

Culture of Datacode is to let individual minds work independently towards a common goal in an empowering environment that enables innovation, efficiency and teamwork.
The members of Datacode value integrity, transparency and a dynamic approach to finding solutions while nurturing team members.

We would like to reassure you that even in such challenging times, Team Datacode will do its best to support your endeavors with the responsibility of a true partner. We are just a call away not as service provider but also as your partner for the times to come.
We wish you a safe and happy, healthy times ahead and assure you of our best attention and service at all times.

Warm Regards
S Karunakar Rao