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Maxwell is a 32-bit Windows application for the treatment of electrical geophysics data. Used by serious mineral explorers, consultants and academics on all continents, it is the productivity-enhancing tool for consumers of electrical geophysics data. Written and maintained by people who acquire, process and interpret EM data for a living, Maxwell was developed to handle all forms of EM geophysical data: time-domain, frequency-domain, ground-based, airborne, dB/dt and B field. Current versions of Maxwell require Windows XP or higher.
Maxwell automates the handling of large data sets with inversion and forward modelling of plate targets and conductive overburden responses. Maxwell creates professional quality on-screen and hardcopy presentations of plans, profiles, decays, spectra and model visualizations.

Some of it’s features are:-

Along with that, it also offers you several facilities as per the requirement of the user, like-