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Features and Capabilities

Easy to use

Create thematic maps with ease. Update your legend and data range bins without leaving your map.

  • Interactive and intuitive
  • Ribbon-based navigation
  • Quick-click dropdowns and rollover displays
  • Instant feedback from gallery controls
Customized experience
  • Tailor the ribbon with your own tabs and groups.
  • Customize keyboard shortcuts.
  • Automate common tasks.
  • Build custom solutions with MapBasic.
Total data compatibility

MapInfo Pro integrates easily with your existing systems and platforms, supporting a wide range of data and GIS formats.

Common PC files:

  • Microsoft® Excel
  • Access
  • DBF
  • CSV and delimited ASCII text files

Relational and spatial databases:

  • Oracle®
  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • PostGIS
  • SQLite
  • ODBC compliant databases


Spatial data:

  • AutoCAD® DXF/DWG
  • SHP
  • DGN
  • GML
  • KML
  • OGC GeoPackage
  • And more


Maps and imagery:

  • WMTS (background maps)
  • WMS and WFS services
  • Aerial images
  • Satellite images
  • Scanned paper maps
  • Microsoft® Bing maps
Data creation and editing

Access a vast selection of data creation and editing tools.

  • Edit your tabular and spatial data.
  • Utilize over 40 CAD-like utilities.
  • Make changes to all your maps and data in a single application.
Flexible visualization options

Enjoy simple-to-use display wizards and detailed customization options.

  • Load raster datasets as background maps.
  • Overlay point, line and polygon data.
  • Modify the style and look of any dataset using powerful analysis and display techniques.
  • Aggregate values using advanced statistical and math functions.
Powerful raster GIS analysis

Achieve more with MapInfo Pro Advanced.

  • High-resolution grid data of immense size
  • Comprehensive visualization options (e.g. analytical hill shading)
  • Powerful grid analysis (e.g. slope calculation, line-of-sight analysis)
  • Advanced grid analysis using an easy-to-use Grid Calculator
Easy results sharing
  • Print, publish and share your maps with ease.
  • Add legends and charts using our Wizards.
  • Share, save or export data in commonly used formats.
  • Take fast action from your insights.
The Location Intelligence Suite

Access a comprehensive set of integrated GIS offerings.

  • Server, web and mobile mapping and GIS applications
  • A comprehensive data catalogue of over 350 datasets
  • Accurate global geocoding
  • Data quality and integration capabilities
  • Business Intelligence platform support