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MapInfo Discover 64-bit is the indispensable GIS package for the compilation, mapping and analysis of spatial geosciences information, such as drillhole, geophysical, geochemical and geological field data. It’s ideal for conducting regional exploration programs, prospect-scale drilling, geotechnical evaluations or environmental monitoring.
MapInfo Discover incorporates MapInfo Pro Advanced, the industry’s most advanced raster grid analysis solution. Analyze and manipulate high-resolution rasters with ease, including satellite imagery, soil geochemistry, aeromagnetics and detailed LIDAR terrain models. Step up to MapInfo Discover 3D and effortlessly visualize, model and analyze your data in a rich and intuitive 3D environment, effectively bridging the gap between GIS and specialist mine-planning systems.

Some of it’s features are :-

User-friendly interface

A modern ribbon interface and new tool iconology will help you find tools rapidly and streamline your workflows.

Control and customize your MapInfo session with new window management controls such as the new Explorer window. Plus, windows can now be docked, floating or tabbed.

Experience significant processing performance gains, like multi-core support, background tasking and smart-indexing.

The PRO tab provides quick access to a broad range of “backstage” tools and resources designed to enhance the user experience, such as help files, online videos, product updates and more.

Visualize and share

Create impressive maps faster and easier with the dynamic new layout designer, including instant label previews, dynamic gridlines and snap to grid.

Export to a range of formats, including layered PDFs.

Share 3D models and environments with the free interactive Discover 3D Viewer or produce eye-catching movies with dynamic data content.


Better understand and assess your datasets and their relationships with detailed statistical, graphical, temporal and spatial views.

Help identify multi-variate anomalies, discern subtle mineralization trends, interpret and correlate downhole intercepts in cross-sections, and target drilling.

With MapInfo Pro Raster, experience outstanding handling and rendering of high-resolution raster files via ‘pyramiding’, as well as true multi-resolution and multi-variable support, and hyperspectral imagery.

Sub-surface exploration

Analyze drillholes and trenches via easily generated detailed log, plan and sectional views. Effortlessly update these en-masse when new drilling is conducted.

Understand your datasets’ true spatial relationships in a vibrant, projection-savvy 3D environment, incorporating drilling, geochemistry, geology and geophysics.

Powerful 3D modelling capabilities, including wire framing, solid extrusion and block model interpolation, as well as dynamic drillhole planning